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Congratulations to our 2015 Innovation Grant Recipients.  The GBEF awarded $20,000 in 2015 Innovation Grant recipientsgrants to District teachers to fund technology, science, literacy and math in classrooms.

This year’s recipients were:

David Atherton – Clear Creek $2500 awarded for Computer Numerical Control Device to enhance manufacturing technology.

Cyrus Harshfield – Gresham High $2484 for i Pads and wireless link related to advancing science laboratory  experience for students.

Myranda Doering – Kelly Creek $612 for newsELA which will allow leveled non-fiction texts on current new stories.

Amy Fonken – Barlow High $80 for a large world map which will be used to  illustrate our District’s diverse student population.

Tia Collins – West Gresham $1834 for  A-Z Learning Raz Kids for all K-5 classrooms to enhance literacy at her school.

Jody Bender – Deep Creek Damascus $279 for Battle of the Books material which will be added to the library at the conclusion of the Battle of the Books  program.

Paul Nickolas – Barlow High $1780 for recorders, cases and memory cards to be used in the music department to create quality recordings  for assessments and competition auditions.

Jennie Richard – Gresham High $1638 for i Pad minis.IMG_0487

Karen Hirschmugl – North Gresham $1638 for i Pad minis.

Tina Kuchinski – Gresham High $1638 for i Pad minis.

Karissa Towse – Gresham High $1638 for i Pad minis.

Angie Hilsenteger – Kelly Creek $1638 for i Pad minis.

Heather Stewart – Highland $1638 for i Pad minis.


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