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Making our district a GREAT place to learn

GBEF Night at the Blazers - Nov.8th

Thank you for joining us through the Gresham Barlow Education Foundation for the game this Friday, November 8th vs. Brooklyn. You will have the opportunity to join us for Post-Game Free Throws following the game!

If you would like to participate, please meet immediately after the game on the main concourse at entry A14. We will then take you down to the court to shoot a free-throw!

You should have already received an email on how to manage your tickets, but if not, you can Click Here to log in and access your tickets on your mobile device.

Look forward to seeing you all on Friday! Go Blazers!

2019 Cocoa Crawl in Downtown Gresham
Join us for a fun, family-friendly event in downtown Gresham prior to the lighting of Gresham’s Christmas tree at the Arts Plaza on November 30th.
Purchase a $10 mug – required to participate – and then visit local businesses for a sip of cocoa or other warm beverage.  We are adding Sip Stops weekly and will have a map of participating businesses available at the GBEF Sip Stop at the Frenzi Yogurt Plaza.  Click on our event tab for updates or visit our Facebook page to keep up to date.

Where to Buy Mugs

Your 2019 Cocoa Crawl mug is your ticket to participate in the Cocoa Crawl.  Mugs are available at these Gresham retailers.  Quantity is limited, so check with each business to make sure they have the mugs you need!

Glass Butterfly – 29 W Powell                                         Core Coffee – 600 NW Eastman Parkway          
Burns Feed Store – 29215 SE Orient Dr.                           
 Accent on Attitude – 20 NW 2nd St.

Scramble For Students Presented by Bremik Construction

It turned out to be a GREAT day

 to golf and support our students.  Thank you to our sponsors, golfers, volunteers and inaccurate meteorologists.

Our Mission – Bringing GREAT Things to the Classroom

The Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation is dedicated to supporting every student in the Gresham-Barlow School District. We partner with our community to provide funding to foster innovative and engaging learning experiences and provide opportunities to ensure that every student has what they need to experience a world-competitive education.

Campaigns for Classrooms

The GBEF is supporting crowdfunding for our educators by adding a platform called FoundationGIVE to our website. It’s a GREAT way to mobilize your community in support of students.

If you have a project, program, field trip, or need an addition to your classroom, the GBEF has you covered.  Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, this one allows 100% of donations to go to YOU and not to fees or subscription costs.

East Gresham Elementary School

900 SE 5th Street Gresham, OR 97080 Website

East Orient Elementary School

7431 SE 302nd Avenue Gresham OR 97080 Website

Hall Elementary School

2505 NE 23rd Street Gresham, OR 97030 Website

Highland Elementary School

295 NE 24th Street Gresham, OR 97030 Website

Hogan Cedars Elementary School

1770 SE Fleming Avenue Gresham, OR 97080 Website

Hollydale Elementary School

505 SW Birdsdale Drive Gresham, OR 97080 Website

Kelly Creek Elementary School

2400 SE Baker Way Gresham, OR 97080 Website

North Gresham Elementary School

1001 SE 217th Avenue Gresham, OR 97030 Website

Powell Valley Elementary School

4825 SE Powell Valley Road Gresham, OR 97080 Website

West Gresham Elementary School

330 W Powell Blvd Gresham, OR 97080 Website

Clear Creek Middle School

219 NE 219th Avenue Gresham, OR 97030 Website

Deep Creek-Damascus K-8 School

14151 SE 242nd Avenue Gresham, OR 97089 Website

Dexter McCarty Middle School

1400 SE 5th Street Gresham, OR 97080 Website

Gordon Russell Middle School

3625 SE Powell Valley Road Gresham, OR 97080 Website

West Orient Middle School

29805 SE Orient Drive Gresham, OR 97080 Website

Gresham High School

1200 N Main Street Gresham, OR 97030 Website

Sam Barlow High School

5105 SE 302nd Avenue Gresham, OR 97080 Website

Springwater Trail High School

1440 SE Fleming Avenue Gresham, OR 97080 Website


In 2018 and 2019 over $40,000 of funding was devoted to classroom Innovation Grants, including iPads, Chromebooks, science technology, and student-centered curriculum for reading, math and science.