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Campaigns for Classrooms is now the main funding source for classroom enhancements — replacing GBEF’s Innovation Grant.


  • Crowdfunding is a type of fundraising and as such falls under the umbrella of the Gresham-Barlow School District's Gift Acceptance Policy. Although the GBEF is a separate and independent entity, for the purposes of crowdfunding, the district's policy on fundraising will apply to campaigns using the FoundationGIVE platform.

    The GBEF welcomes Campaigns For Classrooms submissions from district teachers administrators, staff, and program directors.

    The following guidelines should be reviewed prior to submitting a campaign for approval.
    • All campaigns must be approved by the GBEF and your school administrator before they will be included on the Campaigns for Classrooms website. This approval process is embedded in the FoundationGIVE platform; you will be informed by email on the status of your submission. Once a campaign is approved, it will be posted on the GBEF website, and can be found on the Campaigns for Classrooms page. It will also be posted on the FoundationGIVE website, which provides an additional avenue for potential donors to see and support your campaign.
    • Campaigns should benefit a group of students rather than a few students and should avoid being specific to one student.
    • If you are requesting funding for technology, downloads or subscriptions, please contact the Technology Department for approval. The Tech Dept. will provide you with a ticket number which should be included in your campaign information.
    • If you are requesting funding for physical changes to your classroom or school, please contact the Facilities Department for approval.
    • It is the responsibility of the district to provide general and intervention curriculum for district educators, therefore, request for this type of curriculum will not be approved for inclusion in Campaigns For Classrooms.
    • The GBEF will not grant funding for classroom field trips or for substitute teachers.
    • Please inform the GBEF in writing of changes in job assignment affecting this funding. Please note that any material that is purchased with fund raised funds, remains the property of the district. If the grant applicant is transferred to another school in the district, the principal of the awarded school must agree to the transfer of any grant-funded purchases. If the grant applicant is transferred out of the district, any grant-funded purchase must stay with the awarded school.
    • Once your campaign is fully funded, a check will be sent to your school’s bookkeeper or head secretary. You will then use the district PO system to make purchases. Purchases should be sent to the school and not to your home or alternative address.
    • If a campaign fails to meet its goal by the end of the campaign or the end of the school year, a check for the funds received will be sent to the school. You and your principal can decide how best to spend the funds.
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“FoundationGIVE, through the GBEF, made it so incredibly easy to write and publish a project.  The funds were in my school account within days of being funded and I get it ALL, with no fees subtracted!  I will use this platform again versus other crowd sourcing platforms. Thank you so much!” 

– Kemmie Garrison, 3rd Grade Teacher – East Gresham Elementary School