How We Use Funds

Innovation Grant Application


    • Grant requests should not exceed $2,500.
    • Applications should be completed via the website:
    • Applications will be accepted beginning at 9 am on March 5.
    • Purchases cannot be made until after July 1.


    • Are innovative, engaging, and enhance learning, exploring and imagination including apps and extensions providing enrichment or learning practice.
    • Benefit more than a few students.
    • Include a ticket number/approval from our Tech Department if a download or technology is required.
    • Have the approval of the school district if you are requesting general or intervention curriculum resources.
    • Do not include funding for salaries (including bus drivers and substitute teachers).
    • Do not request funding for food, event, clothing, or contest prizes.
    • Do not request funding for standard classroom materials such as art supplies, PE equipment, or textbooks.
  • Contact Information

  • Application Questionnaire

  • 4. Provide a line listing of items to be purchased with grant funding — not to exceed $2,500. If your grant is approved, items will be ordered using this line listing, so please list one item per line and include enough detail to assure the correct items are purchased.

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