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Innovation Grants

Innovation_GrantsThe Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation’s mission, “Bringing Great Things to the Classroom”  is fulfilled through the Innovation Grant process.

Every year, educators in the district apply for funding for a variety of creative projects, innovative instructional methods, and state of the art technology to enrich classrooms and boost student success. Innovation Grants put the tools of exploration, imagination, and creativity into the hands of students. Grant funding for the past two years has topped $35,000.

2016 grant awards included 30 Chromebooks, science and art technology, MakerSpace materials and student-centered curriculum for reading, math and science. In 2015, the GBEF awarded $20,000 in grants. That included 31 iPads, science monitors and probes, music-recording devices, reading curriculum, and manufacturing equipment. Each grant awarded gives students the opportunity to design, analyze, aspire, build, explore and learn in new and engaging ways.

In May of 2016, Kelly Creek Elementary teachers Myranda Doering and Natalie Wolf received funding for “Wonder Workshop” curriculum. The program will allow all Kelly Creek 5th grade students to learn computer programming, develop relevant math skills, and study advanced skills in measurement, engineering and design – while building robots!

The increased use of technology has impacted classroom learning as well. Thanks to several grant awards, the GBEF funded 30 HP Chromebooks in three district classrooms in 2016.

Teacher Karen Hirschmugl was excited to put her grant award to use in her North Gresham Elementary classroom. The flexibility of the “Mystery Science” program will allow her students to learn science in small 20-minute sessions or in full-length classroom assignments.

The excitement around school today was really amazing, both from students and teachers. We are so grateful that the GBEF is supporting us.”

2016 Innovation Grant winner Allison Gentry, STEAM Maker Space material at Powell Valley Elementary


Dates to Remember

Awarded grants will be announced no later than May 19, 2017

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GBEF Searches For Outside Funders to Impact Classrooms

Blazers CommunityThe GBEF received $10,000 to fund adaptive PE classes at Barlow High School from the Trail Blazer Foundation in partnership with Nike.  Barlow High School teacher Katie Zimmerman originally applied for a 2016 Innovation Grant, but limited funding prevented the GBEF from granting her request.  But the GBEF researched other funding options and applied on Katie’s behalf to the Trail Blazer Foundation and was notified that Katie’s grant was one of 17 selected for funding.  Katie’s adaptive PE class will now be infused with colorful, innovative, fun equipment that will allow special needs students to participate in activities like golf, yoga, basketball and baseball.

The Go4Bots at Gresham High School received $1440 from the Daimler Trucks North America to help the team compete in robotics competitions in Oregon.  Teacher Stephen Scannell requested funding from the GBEF Innovation Grants, but his grant was not selected for funding.  Together with the GBEF, Stephen was able to complete the Daimler application and was awarded funding that will allow his robotics team to compete in the ORTOP FIRST Tech Challenge.