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Reading Matters Phone-a-thon

reading mattersSince its inception, the GBEF has supported literacy in the district.  And our 14th annual Phone-a-Thon continues that tradition.

For the past three years, the GBEF has purchased and stocked an eLibrary for the District. Every student has access to a virtual backpack that they can fill with eBooks and read anytime—anywhere. Since the eLibrary is digital, students can browse and select from a robust collection of titles and read or research even when school isn’t in session.  The eLibrary serves as a portable companion to the physical libraries in every school and provides students with another resource to support literacy.

On Tuesday, February 28th 2017, students from our three high schools made calls and secured pledges – because READING MATTERS! Thanks to our friends at Gresham Ford, for every donation of $40 or more, they donated a certificate for $20 off of service or maintenance at the Gresham Ford Quick Lane.

“I have taught reading at Hollydale Elementary School for 15 years. I love reading, but more than that, I love the moment the light comes on for students. It is a life changer. I give to the GBEF because reading is the foundation students need for every subject. Whether they aspire to be a mechanic, an actress, or a scientist, it begins with reading…”

— Dori Stewart, Gresham-Barlow School District teacher, Hollydale Elementary


Because the GBEF really does believe that reading matters, we have supported literacy improvements in the district since the inception of the foundation.  Funds generated by our annual Reading Matters Phone-a-Thon are given to the school district to support reading for every student at every grade level in the school district.

Thank you to our 2017 Sponsors: