How We Use Funds


Reading Matters Phone-a-thon

This year we are changing our direction for Phone-a-Thon donations.  The school district has requested that the funds raised by the Phone-a-Thon be used to off-set the cost of a new library management system called Destiny.

Why Destiny?

  1.  It will make it easier for our students to find the right books that they will love reading.
  2. Students and teachers will be able to borrow resources –  books, eBooks, audiobooks, etc – from ANY school library in the district.
  3. Teachers will be able to use Destiny to create and share collections of  books, websites and other resources that will help students learn more about what they are studying in the classroom.
  4. Destiny has a wonderful visual interface that allows students to browse the newest books, the most popular books or books in a genre that they find interesting.
  5. Destiny’s platform will help our media specialists be much more efficient and focus their time on helping students find just the right book.

Would you like to help students discover a books that could lead to a lifetime love of reading?  Donate today.



Because the GBEF really does believe that reading matters, we have supported literacy improvements in the district since the inception of the foundation.  Funds generated by our annual Reading Matters Phone-a-Thon are given to the school district to support reading for every student at every grade level in the school district.


Thank you to Tokola Properties for their incredible donation of $12,000! We are hoping to match their donation during the Phone-a-Thon on February 27 – so please Answer The Call!!